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About me

I am a culturologist, philosopher, professor and lecturer in Russian State University for The Humanities. I do research in fundamental Russian studies, civilizational analysis and the dialogue of cultures, in socio-cultural dynamics and the general logic of the macrohistorical process problematics.

I’m co-author (along with Andrey Pelipenko) of the meaning-generative theory of cultural genesis, which is proposed and described in our monography ”Culture as a System". I work in the problems of culture genesis, language and consciousness, definitions of culture and other fundamental problems of culturological knowledge.

I lead private analytical, consulting and seminar activities for various stakeholders in the field of cross-cultural communications and Russia-related strategic international forecasting.




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"Understanding Russia.

Comparative Civilizational Analysis." (2017)


A fundamental work outlining the essential foundations of Russian culture.

The work begins with the theoretical foundations of civilizational analysis. The cultural core, mentality, syncresis, and the problem of modernization are considered.

In the first part of monograph cultural and civilizational aspects of Russia as a whole are explored. The cultural core including a syncresis attitude; a special cognitive construct “ought”/“existent”; eschatological complex; Manichean intention; world-rejection or gnostic attitude; split of cultural consciousness; sacred image of power; extensive dominant of economic activity; and finally, the traditional imperial dominant of consciousness. Finally, the key problem for Russia is uncovered: civilization vs barbarism.

The second part of the monograph examines the relationships and comparison with other local civilizations, the peculiarities of the Russian space, the key role of Orthodoxy in the formation and development of the Russian whole, opposition as a form of dialogue and cultural mechanisms of mass terror.




Interviews and Lectures (Russian)

Interviews and Lectures (Russian)

Европа и христианство


"Археология": Что значит быть русским? В поисках национальной идентичности

Игорь Яковенко. Модернизация и локальные цивилизации



Commentaries, interviews and lectures *

Igor Yakovenko (Russian)

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Tel - +7-495-753-6525

Vadim Mikhalevsky (English)

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Tel - +7-925-039-6515

*I do comments on the civilizational analysys, world cultures, fundamental theoretical cultural studies; intercultural dialogue and crosscultural communications problems.

I lead expert work sessions and lectures on the actual processes and strategic scenarios of current Russian and Ex-USSR countries political and cultural situation development.

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